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Made chicken and dumplings tonight for the first time and on the whole I was pleased with the result. Next time I will definitely make my dumplings more bit sized and going to add more seasoning besides salt and pepper while making the broth and go from there. I'm also thinking about getting some broccoli to throw in at the end so i can get some veggies with it. If I liked cooked carrots or celery I could readd them and that would make the dish more balanced but since I don't....

Started jogging again today, I'd forgotten how much it hurts to start up again. But I did 20 minutes and 1.65 miles today and I know if I keep at it I'll get back to being able to do a 5k. Would still like to be able to hit a 12 minute mile.
I have to wonder why my brain gives me "narcissistic slut bunny" as a possible insult... I like it mind you, I just think as random bits of my thought process it says something about me

Jan. 26th, 2013

what to spin, what to spin?
Except for the fact that I think I melted part of my spatula into it, my second round of salted caramels turned out really good ^_^

Jan. 3rd, 2013

Dear Wells Fargo,

Would you please explain to me why you sent my first statement to me 3 days after it was due? Now thankfully you sent me a "welcome to the next 6 years of your life" letter that at least told me where the hell to go to find my account information online so I wasn't completely screwed. Knowing when & how much is due is not particularly useful if I don't know where to send it. No, I am not going to sign up for automatic payments. The signs are not auspicious for this relationship -_-.

No love at all

On the plus side I really, really do love my new car.
Must write speech, must write speech, must write speech....
Ugggg I hate when random strange moods strike :/

Aug. 1st, 2012

Every time I come across "US Sheep Experiment Station" I giggle.
Sorry, good eating, but today wants for un-rationed pizza.
does this color make anyone particularly happy? Posted an ISO and didn't get a response so I went ahead and ordered it and now someone has responded to my ISO. So if someone likes it I'll grab it, if not then I'll let someone else get it. (color more like the skein in the foreground)

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