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Made chicken and dumplings tonight for the first time and on the whole I was pleased with the result. Next time I will definitely make my dumplings more bit sized and going to add more seasoning besides salt and pepper while making the broth and go from there. I'm also thinking about getting some broccoli to throw in at the end so i can get some veggies with it. If I liked cooked carrots or celery I could readd them and that would make the dish more balanced but since I don't....

Started jogging again today, I'd forgotten how much it hurts to start up again. But I did 20 minutes and 1.65 miles today and I know if I keep at it I'll get back to being able to do a 5k. Would still like to be able to hit a 12 minute mile.


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Feb. 18th, 2013 02:33 am (UTC)
Maybe some bell peppers?
Feb. 18th, 2013 03:13 am (UTC)
I like the flavor of peppers but I don't like to eat them (I have no idea why, I too find it weird) but I was thinking of maybe adding a pinch or two of red pepper flakes
Feb. 18th, 2013 03:30 am (UTC)
no broccoli, peppers or celery if you make that here!

you're jogging again? i JUST started walking again today. we should be a support group. (aka yell at each other to get off the computer and go do it)
Feb. 18th, 2013 04:13 am (UTC)
well you need the celery for the broth. You strain them out when the chicken is finished and can re-add them or not at your discretion (personally I REALLY dislike celery so they were definitely not going back in)
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