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Jul. 9th, 2012

Pentangle and Sir Mix-a-Lot...not particularly similar but hey I only had $2 to spend
Very tired, BUT I did 3.68 miles today with an average speed of 12:44. Thank you cold front, I appreciated it. I will totally run in 77 degree weather, I straight up will not run when it is over 85 and would really prefer if it was under 80. I live in Texas and realize this is not always possible so one has to make the most of ones chances.....especially when you only managed to haul your butt to the gym once this week :P
I wonder how long it is going to take me to tire of tomatoes? I suspect I'm going to find out since I plan on eating them till either I'm sick of them or the summer is over :)

May. 9th, 2012

I really need to go to the record store sometime soon. Craving new music.
Cold, I hate you.

Mar. 7th, 2012

I need a desk. I discovered tonight that I can't study in bed even working from the opposite side I sleep on. This sucks since I used to do most of my studying in college in bed, but then I got to sit perpendicular to the way I sleep and I can't do that now since there are windows on one side and the floor on the other. I'm going to check out a couple of places near my house on Saturday after taking the kitties to the vet (that will get me in the mood to spend money.....not) and if I don't find anything cheap that will fit in the car (miss my hatchback) then I will suck it up and go to Target. There is nothing wrong with Target furniture, it just doesn't feel very grown up and I wanted to get at least semi-grown up furniture for the apartment. Ah well, such is life. I guess this means I get to put off kick starting my studying for at least a few more days.
My first fully spun/plyed yarn. My only problem is that it really isn't my color type. So I'm looking to see if it appeals to anyone else ^_^

So the Shrimp, Fennel, and Potato Chowder turned out really good. I'm even eating the fennel when I come across it ^_^
Something I should realize this late in life....The chances of me going to the grocery store AFTER work is very very very slim.....I'm going to attempt it at lunch tomorrow, maybe I'll have more luck then

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